Pomapoo: Tiny Clever Snugglers

Pomapoo: Tiny Clever Snugglers 1

“Pomeranian Toy Poodle Mix”

A Pomapoo is an affectionate designer dog that is a crossbreed between a Pomeranian and a Toy Poodle. This adorable mixed breed is recently getting a buzz for its cuddly ‘teddy bear-like’ looks. Pomapoos are ideal lap dogs for busy owners who are looking for playful and spirited dogs that can adapt well to their owner’s lifestyle.

Since mixed breeds are like a delightful Jack-in-a-box, their personality may vary based on their acquired dominant gene. This can either be reserved yet clever like a Poodle, or playful and outgoing like a Pomeranian. They are also cat-friendly and can easily be trained.

These cuddly toy dogs are also said to be hypoallergenic. The said trivia might be a myth but the next one is certain: that Pomapoo dogs are one of the highly affectionate mixed breeds who love company.

Pomapoo Parents

As mentioned, the Pomapoo’s characteristics may vary based on their dominant gene. This means each Pomapoo puppy in a litter is unique. When choosing your new pet, it is best to observe the puppy’s behavior firsthand.

The ideal nature of a Pomapoo comes best from first generation breeding. This means puppies that come from a Pomeranian and Poodle, rather than breeds from two Pomapoos.

If possible, have a look and observe the Poodle and Pomeranian that the breeder plans to breed. It is most likely that the adopted mixed breed will have lower cases of inherited disease. But, do ask for sufficient papers or proof from the breeder.


Pomapoo can be easily taught tricks and this would not be a surprise. They have the genes of the brainy Poodle. Poodles are highly intelligent dogs that originate from France. They are distinctively elegant and are popular participants of dog shows.  This is because they can be easily trained, are regal-looking, and they adore outdoor activities.

They are one of the oldest and famous dog breeds. Poodles have long curly hair with an elongated body, legs, and ears, and even their muzzles are quite long and pointed. They are a highly active breed that needs daily exercise and does not do well in solitude.

It may come as a surprise, but these prim and proper dogs are once trained water dogs in Europe. This is where their distinctive style came from.

The long-trimmed patch of hair on their legs, chest and head are kept to protect them from cold water and debris. The rest of their coat are shaved to lessen the dog’s weight. They were hunters’ pals that were trained to dive and retrieve shot waterfowls that landed on the rivers.

Poodles may seem tough and proud, but they are highly affectionate dogs. When slowly introduced, they are an ideal companion for children and can also warm up to other animals.


Pomeranians, on the other hand, are bright-eyed tiny dogs with thick but fine long fur. Their fur come in a variety of colors like brown, black, orange, shades of grey, tan and white.

‘Poms’ or ‘pom-poms’ are the smallest of the Spitz family, yet they have a personality much like those of a bigger dog. They are clever and highly spirited who prefer to walk on their own, rather than be carried around in purses or hand bags.

During the 16th century, it was said that the breed is part of the Spitz working dogs of the Artic regions. Spitz is a German term which means ‘sharp point’ that refers to their muzzles. The name is derived from the word ‘Pomerania’, a place located between Germany and Poland.

Grooming is surprisingly easy for this type of dog, and merely needs daily brushing. As for exercise, Poms are quite energetic and adore outdoor activities like catch and playing with dried leaves and twigs. Due to their size, they can make themselves comfortable in small space, and will most likely enjoy indoor exercises.

They are quite friendly to children and other animals. But, it is best to slowly introduce a Pomeranian to their new environment so that they can adjust effectively. Since they are quite energetic, keen attention is needed during trainings and routine introductions.

Pomapoo Appearance

Pomapoos are bright-eyed small dogs with features much like a cuddly teddy bear. Pomapoos have soft fur that can either be smooth and curly like a Poodle, or straight, poofy and fine like a Pomeranian. This depends on the specific Pomapoo’s dominant gene.pomapoo dog

Their color varies from black, brown, red or white. Pomapoos can also acquire a multi-colored hue on their fur, much like a Pomeranian. Their muzzles are a mixture of elongated and pointy.

These cute companion dogs weigh five to fifteen pounds with a height that ranges from eight to ten inches. Their tails also depend on their dominant gene. The tails can either be high-set or long and straight.

Life Expectancy

Generally, a Pomapoo can live from 12 to 14 years. However, given proper diet, exercise and a healthy environment, these cuddly creatures can live up to sixteen years.


The Pomapoo, ‘Pooranian’, ‘Poopom’ or ‘Pom A Poo’ is a spirited dog that craves for human attention and can develop separation anxieties to their owner. However, they are easy to train, which helps them to adjust or get used to specific routines.

These friendly dogs can ease up to strangers easily; that is why they are not the best option as watchdogs. Nevertheless, they are ideal family dogs since they easily warm up to children and other animals.

They can be quite aggressive to other dogs and they tend to bark a lot during the early stages. But aside from genetics, their behavior is a reflection, initially of their litter or their environment, so proper and early training is a must.

Ideal Environment

Pomapoo dogs are companion dogs that should be kept indoors and not in kennels or outdoor dog houses. They can either live in large country houses or apartment-type buildings since they are quite tiny and do not demand large open spaces.

Owners should keep an eye on small kids and toddlers while playing with a Pomapoo. The mixed breed is small and quite fragile for giddy small children.

They can be energetic and would love to run around the house. So, it is best to dog-proof your space like decluttering, keeping sharp objects inside cabinets and drawers. Avoid house accessories or rug materials that might tangle on or trip the small paws and legs of your Pomapoo.


 A mixed breed like the Pomapoo requires high-quality dog food. This is to meet their high energy needs since Pomapoos are fairly active small dogs. It is important to look for appropriate dog food that are labeled for small or toy dogs.

One might think that investing in high-quality dog food might put a dent on one’s wallet. But, the good thing is, a Pomapoo only has a tiny belly to satisfy. The standard meal of a Pomapoo is one and a half cups. This should be divided into two big meals or two smaller meals and a nice snack.

Their meals can either be dry kibble, meat-based, or even vegetable meals like rice, potatoes or sweet potatoes. Make sure to give them a nice balanced diet and avoid spoiling them in order for them to adapt well on their meal routine.


Due to their tiny physique, playing indoors can already be a part of their exercise. Pomapoos merely require low to moderate exercises or activities like fetch and short off-leash walks.

They would surely enjoy a once in a while visit to the outdoors that can also serve as a treat. As little as fifteen to twenty minutes of daily exercise is needed for this fuzzy companion.


It is best to start training a Pomapoo the moment the dog is brought home. Get them accustomed to their new environment and their daily routine. Avoid over pampering the dog but gradually practice them to get comfortable spending some time alone.

As early as eight weeks old, Pomapoo puppies can already pick up tricks and get used to routines. Use treats, toys and snacks as rewards, and show a positive response whenever they complete a task. It is important for them to understand that they are getting something out of their hard work.

Sixteen weeks is the ideal age for dog trainings and classes. By then, Pomapoo puppies are highly receptive to their surroundings. Just note to avoid too much outdoor activities for dogs that have yet to complete their vaccines.

Doing your own training indoors would be best. Also, having socialization dates at an early age would allow your dog to get comfortable meeting new people.

pomapoo puppies


An added bonus for this cute fur ball is their grooming needs. They do not shed much and merely need daily brushing and occasional baths. This is to avoid mats and keep their coats clean and soft.

As for professional grooming, a visit every four to six weeks will do. Note that toy dogs are prone to gum disease. Brushing their teeth regularly and having them checked by a vet is a must.

Keep their ears clean and dry and trim their nails every week or two, or as needed. Also, wipe their undereye frequently since they are prone to tear stains.

Health Concerns

Make sure to look for a reputable breeder that provides health guarantees for their dogs. At best, they should provide sufficient papers that the Pomapoo’s parents are good for breeding and have no existing defects, diseases or certain health concerns.

As mentioned, the Pomapoo exhibits fewer health concerns with lower chances of inheriting Pomeranian and Poodle common diseases. But, Pomapoos can be prone to patellar luxation, cataracts, epilepsy, and tracheal collapsing.

Where to Look for These Cuddly Pomapoo?

Mixed breeds are popular and one could find them by simply asking their acquaintances or browsing online for a breeder near you. Poodles and Pomeranians are well-known breeds; the concern would be looking for breeders with health guarantees for a nice budget.


Whether you live in a nice small urban loft or a rural countryside house, a Pomapoo would be willing to snuggle on either of the two. These are energetic yet trainable toy dogs that can adapt and adjust to the busy lives of their owners.

Pomapoo dogs are ideal for first time owners or busy dog lovers who are looking for a canine companion that does not require much tending. They are also ideal for those who are looking for family dogs that warmly welcome strangers and other animals. However, the Pomapoo is not a good choice to guard your house. They are clever spirited dogs who adore making friends and snuggling.

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