Jack Chi: Cute and Friendly Dogs

Jack Chi Dog

“Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua Mix”

A Jack Chi dog, or sometimes known as the “Jackahuahua”, is not a pure-bred dog. It is a cross breed of a Jack Russell Terrier and a Chihuahua. The  dog is cute, and its size is usually small to medium. It was first made in the United States between the 1980s and 1990s.

This article is an introduction to the breed of the Jack Chi. In this article, you will learn about the physical attributes of these dogs, their health concerns, their parents, the dogs’ behavior, and other information that you might need to know about the Jack Chi.

The JackChi Parents

Jack Russell Terrier

During the 1800s, the Jack Russell Terrier was taken care of since they were used for fox hunting. The Jack Russell is a small terrier. This type of dog is active and energetic. They usually require regular exercise and stimulation because they are “working” dogs by nature.

The breed is known for its long lifespan. They are known to be strong dogs – tough and firm. Despite their small size, they always appear balanced and alert.


The Chihuahua is one of the oldest known breeds in America. It is a dog that has a terrier-like attitude. This is the reason why many Chihuahua owners are making their pets undergo a specialized training.

A healthy chihuahua weighs just around six pounds or even less. The usual Chihuahuas are small, and they have rounded apple heads. They also have erect ears and full, luminous eyes. Their coat come in many colors and patterns and can be long or short. Chihuahuas are always loyal and charming, so they are ideal city and home pets.

 Jack Chi Appearance

Their appearance depends on which parent they take after. Some JackChi dogs usually have short necks and elongated, muscular bodies while the other Jack Chis have the large, round eyes of the chihuahua and the triangular head of the Jack Russell. Their ears are either pointy like the chihuahua or folded and floppy like the Jack Russell parent. Their hindquarters are strong and muscular, and their snouts are usually long and thin. Their tails are usually long and a little fluffy. Their feet are small and round, too.

Their coat are normally short and widely differ in color. Some Jack Chi dogs are black, white, brown, or fawn colored. Their coat can also be a combination of colors. The most common combinations are black and white, black and tan, brown and white, among many others.

JackChi Dog

Life Expectancy

The lifespan of a cross breed dog depends on the life expectancy of its parents. A chihuahua usually has a lifespan ranging from 14-16 years and a Jack Russell is expected to live until about 13-16 years. Therefore, the life expectancy of a Jack Chi ranges from 13-15 years.


A Jack Chi dog is generally energetic, strong, loyal, intelligent, friendly, and lively. It is also very devoted to its owner. A Jack Chi is usually playful, and it enjoys the time that it spends with its owner.

Since this breed is very friendly to everyone, it is not known to be very aggressive. However, a Jack Chi might get irritable or short tempered if it is annoyed. Some Jack Chis become aggressive if they seem quite suspicious of the surroundings or if it is anxious with the people around.

When you go out with your Jack Chi, its tracking and hunting nose always makes him interested and running around. You won’t catch it easily when it runs to know where the scent comes from. Therefore, always remember to keep your Jack Chi on a leash when going out.

It is also important to note that Jack Chis are not supposed to be near the cats. Jack Chis have the mix of Jack Russell which makes them retain the instinct of being a hunting dog. Because of that, they might consider cats as prey.

Ideal Environment

The ideal environment for the Jack Chi is in a place with an average climate. Just be sure to provide him with additional protection in case of extreme heat or cold. This breed of pet dog is well suited for apartment or condominium living since it is friendly to everyone. The Jack Chi is the best dog for families or owners with older children and/or adults.

Since this breed of dog is very playful, it requires that the owners have the energy to play with the dog and to train the dog every day. Just make sure to have a higher fence so the Jack Chi will not be able to climb over it.

This dog breed is also suitable in a place where there is a solo or couple owners who are very active. They are most happy with active owners and affectionate owners. They (owners) should always have the time to meet their pet’s attachment needs. This dog breed gets to be clingy also. They are most likely to suffer from separation anxiety when the owner doesn’t spend time with them.

This certain breed of dog is not friendly or comfortable with smaller children. It can be problematic to introduce a Jack Chi to a small child because the latter might be reckless in handling the dog. However, it might be interesting to know that a Jack Chi puppy and a young human growing up together have the possibility of growing up together very nicely.


The Jack Chi usually chews a lot. Make sure to give your pet some treats whenever they behave well. They are a picky eater, but they are generally appreciative of what you feed (give) them.  It is important to take note that you don’t overfeed your pet because they have the tendency to not finish everything you put in their feeding bowl. Also make sure you are giving the nutrition they need.


A Jack Chi is a great companion in daily walking exercises and in hiking or trekking. Since they are playful and energetic, it is good to always give them different activities every day. Playing hide and seek, frisbee, or fetch with a Jack Chi at the park nearby will make your dog extremely happy.

Aside from that, introducing your Jack Chi to canine sports will surely help your pet use its strength and energy very well. Just remember that this breed has a chihuahua mix which makes them quite weaker during the cold days. It will be helpful to provide dog clothing when exercising on a cold weather.


Given the background of Jack Chi dogs, training a Jack Chi will take perseverance, strength, and a lot of patience. This breed is quite different to train because the Jack Russell’s natural side of being a hunting dog contradicts the Chihuahua’s stubbornness. The key for this is to remain firm. This is because your dog needs to be oriented first. Without showing too much anger or anxiety, make your pet dog understand that the training is a serious matter. Being angry at your Jack Chi just won’t do anything good. It will just upset your pet. Also, you should be very consistent in training your pet dog.

It is important to note that Jack Chis are intelligent dogs, but they get bored easily. Since their attention span is always a challenge in training, try to keep the training short and do not repeat simple training activities as much as possible. Instead of usual training activities, give your Jack Chi some mental challenges so that they may use their intelligence and strength wisely. It might help also that the owner or trainer always use positive reinforcement in training Jack Chis.

As hunting dogs, they are used to digging. This is why it is also very important to teach them to dig only in soil or ground and not in your living room sofa.

Help them to socialize with other dogs and humans as well. This is to make sure that your Jack Chi learns how not to be aggressive or hateful towards other pets or humans that they encounter.

Jack Chi Puppy


Starting the dog’s grooming habits early is the best way to make your Jack Chi to accept and to recognize these activities.

A Jack Chi is very easy to groom because it requires minimum grooming and maintenance due to its short, dense coat. In order to keep your dog’s coat smooth and healthy, brushing its hair once or twice a week will be the right thing to do.

Remember to check your pet’s ears regularly and clean them once a week since the ears are always prone to infection. Also, keep your pet dog’s teeth clean by brushing its teeth or at least twice a week.

Health Concerns       

A Jack Chi, just like other mixed breed dogs, may inherit its parents health conditions. Some Jack Chis may suffer from Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease in dogs which makes them lose the functions of one or both rear legs that may hinder proper walking.

Also, some of these health issues are the following:

  • hydrocephalus
  • heart problems
  • eye problems
  • deafness
  • hypoglycemia
  • shivering
  • open fontanel

In any case that your pet dog experiences any of these health issues, it’s best to bring your Jack Chi to the vet.

Where to look

You may find reputable Jack Chi breeders in dog shows. You may talk to other breeders in dog breed clubs and ask them about the breed that you want. Good breeders will usually tell interested people when the next breeding season will be. Sometimes, it will be a long wait. Just be prepared for it.


It is undeniable that this mixed breed of a Jack Russell Terrier and a Chihuahua produces a lively, friendly, and a playful dog. A Jack Chi is a wonderful pet dog to take care of.

This breed of dog is lovable because it is sweet and friendly to everyone. It may not be a good watchdog since it’s also friendly with strangers, but the good thing is that a Jack Chi is easy to cuddle and to take care of. This bouncy, small dog is also a joy to have at home. It can be a good companion for the activities that you usually do. It is good for those who are just starting to take care of dogs or mixed breed dogs.

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