A Pomsky Is Like a Box of Chocolates: You Never Know What You’re Gonna Pet!


“Pomeranian Siberian Husky Mix”

The Pomsky is probably one of the most interesting “designer” breeds of dogs out there. “Designer” breeds are those breeds of dogs that are made by crossing two pure breeds with the purpose of getting the best characteristics from both breeds. Thus, the Pomsky is the result of mixing the Siberian Husky with the Pomeranian, and also one of the coolest cross-breeds.

An interesting fact about the Pomsky is that breeders choose artificial insemination, due to the significant sizes between the parents of such pups. Of course, this will not affect the pups, but you need to do some research before deciding if the Pomsky is the right dog for you. It is a dog that can be quite a surprise and take you totally unprepared, just like the content of a box of chocolates.

You will get a partner that is active and outgoing

 Do not forget that the Pomsky has the Husky as one of its parents, which means that this is a highly active dog breed. So, even if the size of your Pomsky is quite reduced, it will have a significant desire for physical activity.

If it won’t get the chance to burn all of its energy, it is very likely for your Pomsky to get engaged in destructive behaviors. Thus, you need to think well whether you have the time and energy necessary to take care of a Pomsky. Or, at least, to give it a backyard where it can run and play.

It’s truly a surprise what you’ll get in the end

 As mentioned before, a Pomsky pup can be a real surprise. Considering that there are large differences between the breeds that led to its creation, a Pomsky pup can reach a wide range of sizes in adulthood. So, no one can guarantee that a pup will be as large as the Pomeranian, for example. It can grow into a medium-sized dog, for instance, being somewhere in between the size of the Pomeranian and the one of the Husky.

But, besides the size, the temperament of the Pomsky can also be totally unexpected. The pups resulted from this combination can inherit a broad range of characteristics, which can manifest in all kinds of combinations. In other words, you will need to be prepared to start training and educating your Pomsky from an early age, to avoid behavioral problems.

It’s the ideal companion for your active lifestyle

 In case your goal after work is to relax on the couch, such a thing won’t be possible when owning a Pomsky. This is a dog that loves long walks in the parks or a challenging playing session. So, if you want to keep your Pomsky happy and away from trouble-making, you will need to be up to its activity requirements. You need to be aware that a bored Pomsky can be rather destructive or transform into a nuisance, barking too much or chewing on things. A little bit of training will go a long way!

If you still want a Pomsky but you are too busy to take care of all the exercising it needs, you will have to seriously consider hiring a pet walker or taking your dog to a daycare facility, where it can play with other dogs. But, for this, you need to make sure to socialize your Pomsky from an early age.

You will have to give the Pomsky proper attention and maintenance

Let us not forget that the Pomsky comes from two breeds of dogs that have rather thick coats.

So, yes, you are going to get a fluffy dog, but this also means that you need to be ready to do some serious grooming.

The Pomsky will shed, just like its parents, so grooming is a must in order to remove dead hair effectively and keep it off your carpets and upholstery.

While it is a dog that will manage cold temperatures better than other dogs of the same size, warm temperatures will make shedding worse. So, this is another aspect you need to be prepared for.

Also proper nutrition is a must as this can effect every aspect of its life.

pomsky puppy

You will feel like a true pioneer

If you are interested in becoming a Pomsky dog owner, you should really feel like a real pioneer. This is due to the fact that it is not easy to find such a pup. As a mixed breed, the Pomsky just recently appeared, so there aren’t so many puppies available. Also, considering the size differences between its parents, the Husky and Pomeranian, producing pups is no easy business.

If you find a Pomsky pup, it will usually be much more expensive than most dog breeds. However, owning a Pomsky will place you in an exclusive group, as there aren’t very many Pomsky owners out there. In case you enjoy being different and having something that only a few people have, this mixed breed could be just what you need.

However, owning something that is rare brings along a set of risks as well. When it comes to getting a Pomsky pup, you have to be ready to embrace the unknown. No one will be able to tell you how your pup will be able to look once it reaches adulthood. Also, there may be some health conditions you should be prepared to face.

The Pomsky is the ideal dog for those that are not afraid to take in a challenge, who love being active and doing things their own way. This active and strong-willed pup can be the ideal reflection of such a personality.

You will have to watch your budget when owning such a unique dog

Just as in happens in the case of other rarities, Pomsky puppies aren’t just difficult to find, but also come with a rather price tag.  How expensive can a Pomsky puppy be? In general, prices hover around the sum of $1000. But, if we are talking about parents with Pedigree, the price tag can go as high as $5000. Still, if you want people to turn their heads as you walk by with your dog, wondering what breed it is, the Pomsky will definitely help you generate such reactions.

While it can be a great companion, have a playful personality, and look extremely cute, the Pomsky is not a dog for everyone. It is not a couch potato or lap dog. So, if you want such a dog, the Pomsky may overwhelm you with its energy. Not to mention the costs generated by purchasing such a puppy and further maintenance.

Considering that the Pomsky will grow, at most, as much as a medium-sized dog, if it enjoys a great state of health your expenses will not be exaggerated. If you’re wondering about the health problems the Pomsky is prone to, only a few have been recorded. Skin problems, allergies, and eye illnesses seem to affect Pomskies in time.

Besides the money you will spend on food, toys, and accessories, you should also set aside some money for preventative medication. Sums ranging between $200 and $700 per year should be available for such purposes. The sum should be determined by the age of your Pomsky, as they get more prone to developing various health problems as they age.

pomsky dog

Always look for reliable Pomsky breeders

The key to enjoying a healthy dog is to get a healthy puppy. This is only possible if you choose to collaborate with a responsible breeder. Considering that it is not easy to breed two dog breeds of different sizes, as there are risks for the female when she delivers the pups, finding a reliable breeder is every more important.

A breeder that cares for this dogs will always deliver puppies with high genetic quality. You are going to pay a significant sum of money on your Pomsky puppy, so it would be very disappointing to find out shortly after bringing it home that it is sick. Also, when you get a dog, you would like it for it to be a member of the family for as long as it is possible. So, don’t rush into making a decision when it comes to buying a Pomsky puppy. Choose only trustworthy sources and you’ll have an amazing dog to enjoy.


If you like surprises, you are an active person, and you don’t mind a challenge, the Pomsky may be just the right dog for you. Just do arm yourself with a lot of patience, as it is not an easy task to find Pomsky pups. First of all, do some serious research and find a reliable breeder. Then, be patient, as you may have to be placed on a waiting list before getting the chance to take your Pomsky pup at home. Also, make sure to have a budget ready as well, because this type of dog doesn’t come with a cheap price tag.

But, if you are looking to get an energetic and happy dog, which will have the size of a medium dog, or perhaps smaller, the Pomsky will be a treat for you. If you are willing to embrace the pluses and the minuses, and the Pomsky will become a companion that will eagerly wait for your return and more than willing to make your days more entertaining.

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