Chigi: An Obedient, Loving, and Loyal Crossbreed

Chigi: An Obedient, Loving, and Loyal Crossbreed 1

“Welsh Corgi Chihuahua Mix”

A Chigi is a crossbreed of the Welsh Corgi and the Chihuahua. This crossbreed is known to be a loving, loyal, intelligent, and family-oriented dog. It doesn’t need much training and exercise. If you are looking for a playful and obedient dog that likes to stay at home, then the Chigi may be the best crossbreed for you. For a more detailed information about this crossbreed, read the article below.

Parents / Origin

The Chigi is originated back in the US around the 1980’s due to a trend about Designer Dogs. As said, the parents of the Chigi are the Welsh Corgi and the Chihuahua. Both parents are quite small in size and have its own distinct features that the Chigi may inherit.

Therefore, there is an obvious resemblance from its parents. Moreover, both parents of the Chigi are registered in the American Kennel Club (AKC). However, the Chigi is not included in the American Kennel Club (AKC) for it’s not purebred.


The Corgi is originated from Wales, United Kingdom back in 1925. It is a miniature herding dog that has two separate breeds: the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. While the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the more popular breed, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi appears in Vulnerable Native Breeds in the list of The Kennel’s Club.

Because of its cute appearance, intelligence, and fun loving personality, people all over the world have been captivated by this certain breed of dog. Hence, the Corgi is ranked around 18 out of 194 in The American Kennel Club’s list.


This particular breed is named after a state in Mexico called Chihuahua. The Chihuahua is known to be the smallest breed of dog and has two varieties: Smooth Coat, and Long Coat. The Smooth Coat Chihuahua is shorthaired. On the other hand, the Long Coat Chihuahua is longhaired. The behavior of a Chihuahua depends on its parents’ genetic temperament.

Most of the time, Chihuahua is not given that much of training in regard to obedience and socialization because of the small dog syndrome. In this syndrome, owners tend to not provide any kind of trainings for dogs due to its small stature.


The Chigi is mostly in the color of orange or tanner. But, its color can also range from red, brown, chocolate, golden to silver, white, and cream. Furthermore, the Chigi most likely looks like the older and larger version of its parents with the right amount of distinct features. The body of the Chigi is long and low resembling a Corgi. While, its facial feature resembles a Chihuahua.

Moreover, it appears that the Chigi has quite a long nose which is also similar to a Crogi. It also has long ears, dark eyes and nose, and long tail.

A Chigi has medium coat length, normal coat density, and straight coat texture.

The Chigi is considered to be a toy breed for its height is around 7-10 inches (for female Chigi), and 10-12 inches (for male Chigi). Furthermore, it can weigh around 10-15 pounds (for female Chigi), and 15-20 pounds (for male Chigi).

chigi dog

Life Expectancy

A Chigi is expected to live around 12-14 years depending on the care, environment, diet, and health.


A Chigi is a family-oriented dog. It is energetic and very playful to their owners. Moreover, the Chigi is a loyal crossbreed that tends to please its owners in every way. It also wants its owners to be pleased at them, so it would be best to occasionally praise it.  It is also known to be well-mannered, cute, and has the herding instinct similar to a Corgi.

In addition, it may inherit the behavior of a Chihuahua that can make a Chigi quite independent and somehow difficult to train. If the Chigi has taken the temperament of a Chihuahua, it is best to keep it away from children and it is best to have supervision over it.

Besides, Chigi tends to be very friendly and can socialize well. It is very comfortable to everyone even to strangers and children. The Chigi is quiet most of the times and does not bark that often when they are approached. Even though they don’t make a good watch dog, it still alerts its owner if there are any possible danger or suspicious people.

Also, it is said that Chigi is a one-man dog. It means that even if it is close and friendly with every family member, it will still create a strong bond to only one particular member of the family.

Similar to several breeds of dogs, the Chigi doesn’t do well when it is left alone at home for a very long period of time. It is best for it to have an owner that is usually at home or for it to have several toys to play with so it would not feel lonely.

Ideal Environment

Chigi may live in many kinds of environment. Since it is said that Chigi is more of a family-oriented dog, it may best for it to be living in a house or an apartment. It is also suited to live in a larger home that at least has a fenced area where it can properly play around.


It is best to give this kind of crossbreed a balanced diet. And, it is suggested to feed it with food that mostly contains almost all of the general nutrition. However, it is advised to stick to good quality food and to not forget to give it food that is appropriate of its energy-level and size.

Its food consumption for one day needs to be split into two meals containing 3/4 to 1 1/2 cups of good quality dog food. Moreover, Chigi can be very prone to dental issues, so the food should be of top grade, and grain-free hard kibble.

Since there is not much information given on how to properly maintain the diet of this kind of crossbreed, you are advised to consult your veterinarian about its diet. Also, following the diet of its parents can also be considered its diet. It is best to be mindful about its food since it is highly recommended to feed it with good quality dog food. If it happens that there is complications when it consumes its food, you should consult your vet right away.

Chigi Puppy


Even if the Chigi is energetic and playful, it actually doesn’t need much exercise to be able to maintain its healthy body and weight for its activity level is only moderate.

It only needs few occasional walks to the local park. And, strolling is good for its body and mind due to its herding instincts.

Hence, it doesn’t need you to participate in long walks or even long runs.

If you don’t have the time to take your Chigi on a stroll, then your Chigi should still play actively around the house as it needs its daily exercise.

However, it is still advisable to take it out for a walk at least once a day.

The Chigi is set to have at least 30 minutes of activities a day. And, it has to have at least 6 miles of recorded walk mileage a week.


Chigi is known to be very obedient and tend to need fewer repetitions as it may take after its after a Corgi. If the Chigi is still a puppy, it is best to have it socialize with people especially you. So, it will be easier for you to train them in the future when it grows up.

Other general trainings like potty training, obedience training, socializing training would most likely be similar  to the training methods of other breeds. As you train this kind of breed, it is best to observe a  reward based system. As similar to most of the other breeds, Chigi loves it when you praise them and give it treats as a reward for being obedient and smart especially during trainings.


The main necessities that you should have in order to maintain a healthy grooming are pin brush, comb, and nail clipper. The Chigi only needs moderate grooming. It only has moderate shedding coat so it is not hard for it to maintain a good grooming. To be able to maintain such great care on its coat, grooming it once or twice a week is enough.

You should brush it 2-3 times a week to be able to prevent it to have dry skin problems. Even though its ears are already upright and prevents any bacteria, it is still best to check its ears for dirt and moisture. Checking the nails is also a necessity. If the nails are left long for a long period of time, it may curl and cause difficulty in walking.

Health Concerns

Chigi should live with fewer health problems compared to its parents. Major health concerns of a Chigi are Patellar Luxation, Glaucoma, Hip Dysplasia, Hypoglycemia, Hypothyroidism, Overactive Tear Glands. It also has minor health problems like allergies, and dry skin. It doesn’t need any occasional diagnoses. But, to maintain a healthy Chigi, it is advisable for you to always have these kinds of checkups: X-Rays, CT Scans, Eye Examination, Physical Examination, and Blood Work.

Since there are quite a number of health concerns, it is best for you to frequently check your Chigi to a vet to prevent any health complications. Remember that having a balanced and good diet may also affect its overall health.

Where Can You Get a Chigi?

Since both Corgi and Chihuahua are easy to find, to get, and to adopt, it may also be relatively easy for you to get a Chigi. You may find a Chigi in your local pet shop or in the internet through online sellers. Moreover, you can always ask your family relatives and friends for people that sells Chigi.


It is best for you to adopt a Chigi if you are mostly at home as it gets sad easily when it is left alone. It doesn’t need much exercise and training since it is already very intelligent and obedient. This crossbreed prefers to be in a house or an apartment with handful of toys. It socializes well with your family especially with you since it is best as a loyal and a family-oriented dog.

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