Poogle! An Extremely Cute And Extraordinary Dog


“Poodle Beagle Mix”

The Poogle dog breed is a mixed breed of the wise and curly-haired Poodle and the very playful and friendly Beagle. Greatly known for their friendliness and their outstanding features from both breeds, the Poogle instantly became a favorite of dog lovers living in the US.

Poogles are great to bring along for a drive on the road or a walk to the park since they are fun-sized and very curious dogs just like their parents. Fairly vocal and sometimes aggressive, this breed possesses the traits of a great watchdog.

Do Poogles get along with cats and other animals?

It is possible for Poogles to get along with cats but because of their “watchdog” traits, they have to be trained properly and get used to other animals even if they are a friendly breed. Poogles are playful towards other dogs though, but it is still better to train them for safety reasons.

Appearance and Energy Level

Poogles are very curious, adventurous and fairly energetic dogs. They love being outside as much as they enjoy their playtime at home and are eager to make friends with everyone.

The Poogle dog breed, just like their parents, is a breed that is proven to unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, making them the perfect dog to have at home.

Their signature curly or sometimes wavy hair and their trusty, their noses are some of the noticeable traits that they got from their Poodle parent and the floppy ears with their sad, big and round eyes are from their Beagle parent.

Lifestyle and Life Span

When it comes to grooming and a poogle’s hygiene, it is a fact that their hair grows longer within a short period of time and that means they need to get trimmed frequently and have their teeth brushed twice a week to prevent diseases or allergies.

The life span of a Poogle is relatively shorter than its parents by three to six years and is able to live with ten years being the minimum and thirteen years as the maximum. A Poogle also has a lower life span than most cross breeds of its size.

Poogles are good in taking care of children, easily trained and have a high amount of energy which makes them great pets for new dog owners. They also love being in warm places and love swimming but cannot tolerate cold temperature.

Always keep them away from bugs, insects and any other smaller objects as they will definitely chase them due to their hunting instincts. They do not require much maintenance but they do require to at least be cleaned once or twice a month like any other breed. They love getting in contact with water so cleaning them is also an easy task.

Ten miles of walking is good for both the Poodle and the human body as it is a sufficient amount of exercise that both bodies require for a stable and healthy lifestyle. Bringing a water bottle and having five minute breaks are also okay, as long as you both get enough exercise for the day.

Train your Poogle to be a good swimmer. Poogle puppies love the feeling of water on their tiny bodies and splashing for fun. Being natural-born athletes just makes them the perfect gym partner and an adorable one at that.

Dog parks, beaches and lakes are good training spots because it exposes them with other dogs. They love doing various activities for a fun time and will give them a positive view whenever they see their owners holding onto their leashes.

Poogles, when outside, behave like their Beagle parent. Sniffing around, looking for things hidden underground, more sniffing and possibly digging once their curiosity gets to them. Always make sure to look after your canine friend to stop them from chewing something off the sand, grass or ground.

When snow is mostly loved by children and frowned upon by adults, they will only go out due to curiosity and will go back to the warmest spot in the house the moment they feel the cold wind touch their skin. Always make sure that they are in their warmest clothes during winter!

poogle dog

Food Intake

Poogles are medium-sized dogs that only require one full cup of dog food daily.

The Poogle dog breed may consume dog food that contains natural ingredients aka a good amount of veggies, duck meat and other sources of carbohydrates. It provides the necessary amount of nourishment that they need and makes their food digestion easier.

Just like their Beagle parent, Poogles may have a tendency to become big eaters so the best option is to let them get used to only one full cup of high quality dog food and never give in when they beg for more.

 Weight and Height

Regardless of gender, Poogles within the first 6 months are said to weigh around sixteen pounds are about eleven inches tall, making them weigh almost the same as an average Beagle with the same timeframe.

The height of a Poogle may not be noticeable since toy dog breeds are known for their small appearance and once they become twelve inches tall, this may continue to be stagnant even after eighteen months.

Possible Diseases

Genetically speaking, Poogles get hereditary diseases from their Poodle and Beagle parents which are unavoidable features. The best thing to do would be to provide the utmost care and medication provided by the vets in order to keep your pet as healthy as possible.

Osteoarthrithis is a common disease which causes the dogs’ joints to deteriorate and cause pain whenever the dog walks. The disease starts with an abnormality in bone development and the targeted places for dogs would either be their hips or their elbows.

Canine Hypoadrenocorticism or Addison’s disease is examined whenever a huge reduction of the dog’s normal hormones happens. The cases are usually diagnosed in a critical situation, so make sure to take your pet to the vet the moment something feels off in terms of behavior to avoid this disease at an early stage.

Periodontal Disease is the most common disease that occurs with 80% of the dog population. This disease is a gum related infection that causes dogs to have weakened teeth which also makes them have less appetite and not eat the appropriate amount of food presented to them. Symptoms are not noticeable in the early stages but as soon as the dog starts to eat less, it is good to present them immediately to the vet for a check-up as this disease progresses fast.

Poogles will absolutely show their owners if something is bothering them or if they feel pain somewhere in their body. Whenever something starts to feel off with your canine friend, always confront these things to the vet for a thorough look and never experiment with previous medications as it may lead to more complications and put your dog’s life at risk.

poogle puppies


Whenever it’s time to go somewhere, be it at the mall or a place that’s far away from home, Poogles are absolutely ready for an adventure with their owners.

They absolutely love a good and smooth drive as it helps them relax and appreciate the view outside.

With their fun-sized body, they are very easy to carry around which makes them the perfect friend to take for a good, long ride.

Seeing a dog sit beside the driver’s seat can make anyone’s day brighter, but they also need to get accustomed to travelling by car at a very early age.

Singing a song while letting your Poogle enjoy the view is a really good way of making them love road trips. Do not give them treats or they will become spoiled but do give them a good amount of water just to make sure that they stay hydrated. Just by doing this, your Poogle will always look forward into hopping inside the car as if it’s their house.

Since they are highly intelligent dogs, teaching them proper etiquette during a road trip and getting them to adapt to it is very easy.

Everyone deserves a good first memory of their car ride and that includes your Poogle too. They will always remember their first times no matter the impact so making sure that the first trip goes well is really essential.

Shortcuts? Yes. Having the shortest route to the house is also important as most Poogles can get anxious just by seeing too many new things around them. Always have your route planned out before considering taking them for a drive.

Never take them to the vet on their first car ride. Going to the vet increases anxiety and if they only get inside the car for getting vaccines, they will be scared of cars for the rest of their life.

Never leave a Poogle alone inside a car. Being left alone will cause them to cry as they are very clingy and sociable dogs. Leaving them for any amount of time may cause them to get moody and ignore you for the rest of the ride home.

Keep increasing the length of your trips bit by bit until you have trained your Poogle puppy to be on board.

Of course, make it a point to check whether there’s enough food and water for them to last entire trip. This way, your pup won’t get dehydrated or hungry.

Also, stock up on poop bags (have them within reach) and bring your pup’s toys with you. That will ensure to a certain extent that you’re prepared, no matter the situation.

Lastly, don’t make the mistake of leaving your pup in the car while it’s parked. Lots of accidents happen from this seemingly harmless practice, no matter how brief it may seem. Besides, there’s the matter of not knowing whether your Poogle is indeed comfy while you’re away.

Poogle Summary

With all of the information listed above, the Poogle proves to be a great family watchdog, the perfect work-out partner and cutest toy dog.

With dedication to training, occasional trips to the vet and good amount of interaction, the Poogle will become the life of a peaceful household.

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